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For Sale  Penthouse , 5 rooms    Jerusalem ,  Mekor Chaim
With terrace, Good location, Good deal, In good condition, Spacious property
 Floor: 3  Space: 122 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details3,100,000 ₪
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For Sale  Apartment , 2 rooms    Jerusalem ,  Baka
Beautiful apartment, In a beautiful building, Small and charming, Renovated
 Floor: 4  Space: 48 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details1,900,000 ₪
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For Sale  Apartment , 3 rooms    Jerusalem ,  Katamon
Katamon Hayeshena for sale
 Address: Hezkiahu Hamelech  46
 Floor: 2  Space: 57 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details2,090,000 ₪
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For Sale  Apartment , 4.5 rooms    Jerusalem ,  The Old Talpiyot
  Bright, Good location, Spacious property, With view, In quiet street
 Floor: 3  Space: 87 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details2,000,000 ₪
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For Sale  Apartment , 3 rooms    Jerusalem ,  Arnona
 In good condition, Opportunity, Good location, In quiet street
 Floor: -3  Space: 75 sq.m. When available: Immediate
>> Full details1,880,000 ₪
 All ads Jerusalem  All ads Jerusalem, Arnona

For Sale  Apartment , 3 rooms    Jerusalem ,  The Old Talpiyot
Deal not to be missed, Pleasant, Beautiful apartment, Good location, Opportunity, Quiet area
 Address: Shalom Yehuda  27
 Floor: 1  When available: Immediate
>> Full details1,650,000 ₪
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For Sale  Apartment , 3 rooms    Jerusalem ,  Arnona
Quiet area, New building, Beautiful apartment, Bright, Good location
 Address: Elyahu Lenkin  
 Floor: -5  Space: 71 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details2,080,000 ₪
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For Sale  Apartment , 2 rooms    Jerusalem ,  German Colony
Beautiful apartment, Higher floor with view, Luxurious, Quality project, In quiet street
 Floor: 4  Space: 55 sq.m. When available: Immediate
>> Full details2,040,000 ₪
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For Sale  Penthouse , 4 rooms    Jerusalem ,  City Center
 Bright apartment, Roof Apartment, In the center of town, With terrace, With view, Good location, Good deal, Higher floor with view, Quiet area, Built to a high standard, Wonderful, Wonderful apartment, Prestigious, Spacious property
 Floor: 3  Space: 130 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details3,980,000 ₪
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For Sale  Ground Apartment , 4 rooms    Jerusalem ,  Old Katamon
Well-Equipped Apartment, Beautiful apartment, Renovated, Ground Floor, Spacious property
 Floor: Ground floor  Space: 100 sq.m. When available: Flexible
>> Full details3,350,000 ₪
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Ben Zimra Real Estate 

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